How do we get these calls – Adwords/Bing Ads.

Below is an example on how calls are generated. when a user surfing internet inputs a query, he see paid results on the tops, which are adwords paid ads – which show up on priority to Organic results.

With Paid ads, you are allowed to Flash your contact info aswell, and click to call button is also an option, all these health insurance calls are generated via all relevant Kw list, which ensures that an interested customer clicks and further generate a valid query for our clients.

We have massive team which can generate these calls inhouse, and on top of it, we also do buy Health Insurance calls depends on our demand and supply cycle, and our Quality Assurance team assures that proper protocol is followed for the Health Insurance Calls Generation, additionally keeping in mind all kind of standard Adwords/Bing ads terms and conditions.

Adwords Health Insurance Calls

Best prices for US/Canada Health Insurance Calls.

Traffic TypeAdwords / Bing Ads – Kw Search Traffic
Orientationmainstream 18+
Daily Volumes100 – 120 Calls
Min CC for Order5cc
Min Calls for Order50 Calls
Buffer Deal
Instant Traffic Start / Stop
Daily Capping option
Per hr CC settings
24/7 Days Operations
Recordings options
Multiple TFN options
Live Tracking Panel